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Services and software for nonlinear vibration analysis. We exceed classical modal analysis, from innovative experimental data analysis to next-gen simulations. Powered by more than 20 years of research.


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We assist you at every step of the structural design process.

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Test Campaign Design and Assistance

Prototypes and test campaigns are among the most expensive and constraining parts of a structure’s design. To ensure all necessary data is collected in an efficient manner is then paramount. Our team assists you to ensure you will have to carry the test only once.

Analysis of Experimental Data

Vibration data can be puzzling. Our experience and expertise allows us to clearly interpret this data and to obtain actionable information. In the case of nonlinearity, this analysis provides the building blocks necessary for accurate modeling.

Nonlinear Structural Modeling

Virtual prototyping becomes prevalent in order to reduce design cost, time to market and to access information otherwise out of reach. NOLISYS thanks to its NI2D software builds next-gen models with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency even for the most complex vibratory phenomenon.

Advanced Vibration Simulations

Based on the use cases and the needs, this model can then be used to run simulations under varying circumstances in order to investigate the response of the design and validate or fine tune its dynamical properties.

F-16 Case

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Launcher Nozzle Case

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Smallsat Case

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Aircraft Tail Case

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Aircraft Engine Case

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NI2D software for nonlinear vibration analysis

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Are nonlinear effects present? If yes, where?
Which modes are affected? To what extent ?
How do the nonlinearities behave?


Creation of high fidelity and data-driven nonlinear modeling. Create fast running advanced models from classical FE models.


Predict a wide range of results with one single model. Not only can usual results such as linear modes and modal parameters be obtained, advanced nonlinear vibration phenomenon such as frequency shift and instability can also be predicted accurately. Modal analysis is extended to nonlinear structures.

What nonlinear vibration analysis means

Time saving

By reducing trial, errors and troubleshooting, nonlinearity enabled vibration analysis considerably increases efficiency. Indeed, classical tools, failing to deliver actionable information, leave your teams puzzled and with little to no lever to handle the situation.

Longer life in operations & Lower maintenance

Beyond the efficiency and performance questions directly linked to the design in itself. The major part of a structure’s life happens in operations. Not properly accounting for nonlinear vibrations in the design phase leads to accelerated fatigue, wear & tear and eventually higher maintenance.

Higher Performance

Free from the limitations of linear vibration analysis, our next-gen solution paves the way to uncompromising structures that ensure higher performance. Safety margins imposed on designs by strong hypothesis indeed lead to increased consumption, weight, cost, operational limitations, and so on.

Open the door to tomorrow’s design

Breaking through a major limitation of 20th century’s vibration analysis represents a milestone for the development of future structures. This paradigm shift is needed if challenges with regards to sustainability, durability and consumption are to be met.