Handle nonlinear vibrations with the right tool!​

NOLISYS’ dedicated nonlinear vibration analysis software helps structural engineers accross industries optimize and refine their designs while keeping testing and simulation costs at a minimum. The NI2D® software represents a truly unique offering in the field.

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Understand your vibration data

Quickly and robustly identify nonlinear phenomena during vibration test campaigns. Starting from data measured using accelerometers and/or laser vibrometers, the NI2D® software can detect (yes or no?), locate (where?), visualize (what?) and estimate (how much?) nonlinearities.

« The software is unexpectedly easy to use, while it features advanced concepts derived from recent research works in experimental mechanics and structural dynamics. »

Antoine Launay
Team Leader
Dynamic & Aerodynamic Analyses

Build advanced models

Starting from a traditional linear finite elements model, the simulation engineer can easily create an advanced model by including nonlinear connections between nodes of the existing model, all within NI2D®.

Run next-gen simulations

Calculate nonlinear time responses, nonlinear vibration modes (NNM), nonlinear resonance frequencies and bifurcations through innovative algorithms. These nonlinear features provide a clear and immediate view on the impact of nonlinearities on the dynamical properties of the structure, for predictive and design purposes.

Traditional techniques of relying on several linear models for each working point of the structures can be discarded. One model captures all the information for any working point.

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